Manchester United fan and talkSPORT host clash over Old Trafford protests with Glazers blamed for bad security – ‘If you don’t listen to fans, they’ll make sure they’re heard’

talkSPORT host Alex Crook clashed with a Manchester United fan live on air as he attempted to justify Sunday’s protests at Old Trafford.

Adam McKola from the Stretford Paddock podcast attended the protests and insisted those involved in violent clashes with the police ‘went too far’, but said supporters cannot be blamed for breaking into the ground and invading the pitch.

The Man United fans begun their protests outside Old Trafford

United’s Premier League game with rivals Liverpool was suspended on Sunday after fan protests against the club’s Glazer owners turned ugly outside Old Trafford.

Families were pictured joining in the rally against the unpopular Americans but things soon turned sour as groups of fans clashed with police officers while another group of around 200 supporters actually broke into the stadium and gathered on the pitch.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sent out a plea to fans to keep their protests peaceful ahead of the match, but that request was ignored by some, with a police officer left with a gash on his face after being hit with a broken bottle.

It came after a group of United fans broke into the club’s training ground last month in protest of the Glazers, and being told to leave by Solskjaer and his coaching staff.

McKola joined Darren Bent’s Boot Room on Sunday evening to offer a fans’ perspective on the scenes.

Some fans soon managed to get inside the stadium as they protested against the club’s top brass
United fans put their anger at the Glazers on full display

And the supporter podcast host defended the protests on a whole, telling talkSPORT: ‘If you don’t listen to fans, they’ll make sure they’re heard’.

However, fellow Red Devil and talkSPORT reporter Alex Crook fired back at the fan after he insisted the group who stormed the Old Trafford pitch did nothing wrong.

McKola: “I’m not condoning a security guard getting injured and those incidents, but for those people saying Man United fans went too far by going on the pitch – what do they expect fans to do?

“We’ve just seen these billionaires come together and try to take the game away from anybody, it’s clear they don’t regard the fans at all and dont have any feelings for our opinions, so how else can fans be heard?

“It was a great turnout from Manchester United, I’m actually really proud of our club and our fans that have done that.”

Crook: “You’re saying you’re proud of the fans, I’m proud of the ones who protested peacefully, but you can’t go breaking into stadiums.

McKola: “They didn’t break into the stadium, really.”

Crook: “How did they get onto the pitch then?”


Man United vs Liverpool was postponed after fans broke into Old Trafford and protested on the pitch[/caption]

McKola: “The security at the stadium today… it’s typical of the Glazers! They like to paper over the cracks and pretend they’re doing things when they’re not really doing anything.

“They put a load of barriers outside the ground but they didn’t think to get any more security or stewards – it just shows you how they think, they don’t want to spend money on the things that actually matter.”

Crook: “So you think it’s ok to just waltz into the stadium, a secure environment, and just take it over?”

McKola: “What do you mean they took it over?”

Crook: “There were 200 fans on the pitch! The game’s been postponed!”

McKola: “How else would fans be heard?”


Thousands of Man United fans gathered at Old Trafford[/caption]

Crook: “You can protest just as well outside the stadium, you don’t need to break into the stadium, you don’t need to break into the training ground a couple of weeks ago – the manager having to implore you to leave.”

McKola: “The game’s been postponed and I’m sure now the Glazers will realise the fans mean something.

“I find it bizarre that people expect the fans to protest and expect the fans to make their voices heard, but now that they have people are complaining!”

Crook: “What, so it’s ok to hurl bottles at police?!”

McKola: “Did I say that?”

“What I would say to all football fans is we need to keep this momentum after the European Super League going. This is more than just about Manchester United. Arsenal fans, keep protesting against Kroenke, Liverpool fans keep protesting against John W Henry.

“Of course don’t go too far, don’t go hurting anybody or anything and there’s always going to be one or two who go too far.

“But I was there at Old Trafford and 99 per cent of those Manchester United fans were dads with their lads, mums and daughters, family people who just love football. Half the people on the pitch were just happy to be in the Old Trafford pitch, that’s what they’ve been dreaming of all their lives!

“Not everyone was looking to hurt people, it’s something that is quickly pointed at football fans, and I think it’s wrong.

“I’m not condoning police getting bottled or anything like that, all I’m saying is when you don’t listen to the fans they’re going to make sure that they’re heard.”

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